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Anonymous asked:

Ruiner i know you already showed your feet but can you do it again? Maybe put them on a table and cross your legs pretty please? :)




Ruiner: Hope you enjoyed my big, ugly, monster toes~ ahaha.

{{Bigger version of feets~:}}

{{before you point it out, yes, i realize there are lack of ‘spikes’ on his shoulder in the first one.. this is because that drawing was originally a rant for something else and I just redid the facial expression B) /lazy}}

speakeasysoft asked:

What brings you this way, lone-wolf?




"Those of our kind who want to live a simple way of life, in harmony with nature, are so wrong… What has nature done for us? Harm us with the rain… I take the side of technology and the future."


"But no species is ever truly at peace with nature. There’s wild fires, massive disasters, flooding, Tornadoes… Do you think it is only us who are up against it? Land dwellers, sky, and water- no one is an exception," looking at them, their brow furrowed and head tipped down.

"If we were meant to control nature then don’t you think we’d be born with the ability naturally? We’re not gods, we were never meant to be," pausing. Soft listened to them speak on further, biting the inside of their cheek.

A puff of a air, distressed. “We improve as a whole yes, but we can improve ourselves as individuals, which is why we have such sentience. Nature is not stopping you and never has tried to stop you from focusing on bettering yourself, that’s just you.”

"Well, my plan is to improve myself by fixing nature’s oversights and lack of contingencies. I have no interest in godhood, or even leadership, really… I’ve just got equal lack of interest in being a part of the Nature Mother’s shoddy workmanship."

[Heh, when your character told him that if we were meant to control nature we’d be born with that ability, it made me think of the Wright Brothers… “If God had intended man to fly, He would have given them wings” Danyk has mentality like the Wright Brothers, pushing boundaries without regard for the consequences… BTW, you have an interesting art style, it’s a unique one in the Minecraft community ^_^]

ask-theisolatedenderman asked:

Raah: *he approached the other ender with curiosity, wondering to know who this new creature was.* hello there, it seems to be you are my species. My name is Raah, and i am pleased to meet you. Why the strange markings my friend..?


Soft’s expression read confusion, their brow furrowing. “My strange markings..? You mean- the spots?” Looking down at them self. They raised a leg slightly, studying the pale splotch that covered their right calf and down, where pigmentation cells had died off and become colorless. 

"It is called Vitiligo," looking back to the new other. "And- my name is Soft Octave, but you may refer to me as either part of my name or a whole."

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