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It was long time ago when the war started ,it destroyed everything and everyone but there’s always someone that will protect them

Tim’s father: Tim watch out don’t go without us in the overworld and the Nether there’s dangerous!!!

Tim: Why father they’re not dangerous why I suppose to be scared from them they’re our friends!!!

Tim’s father: No Tim …I know that they won’t harm you but that doesn’t mean that they won’t attack you ,not everyone are friendly!

Tim: Uhhh I tought that only the humans are dangerouse father , they kill us not the mobs!!!

Tim’s father: I know Tim but we live in time of war the time of peace and friendship ended …i’m not sure how long it will be like that

Tim: May i at least go and see some tribes from the cliff they have amazing eyes..they’re from my kind right???

Tim’s father: Well…I don’t know….

Tim’s mother: Honey leave him to explore at least they’re from our kinds and look….at him and  his eyes….

Tim’s father: Okay…let it be…..*meanwhile looks at Zorg*

Zorg was flying around the cliff and smiled at the tip that Tim’s father gave him ,he flew away to the cave where the Jade-Green-Eyed Endermans were doing their own job

Tim:Thanks you mom ,dad ..
*with this words little Tim teleported away to the cave ..he settled down on the cliff where He watched the endermans walking around doing their business…in one moment
one of the endermans looked at him …Tim sitted there stunned by the eyes of this enderman …something special was about him*

Tim:Interesting *he whispered to himself*

*suddenly from nowhere someone teleported behind my back i was scared i didn’t move a meter and suddenly i head a familiar speech when I turned my head I saw an Jade Green Eyed ender boy on my age (we both were 6 old))

Jade Green Eyed ender boy: Hello who are you, are you running away from the humans too???

Tim: Uhhh no *I shaked off the feel that i had only of hearing the name “human” * I’m here just to look at you i found you interesting ,in our mage town there’s not too much Green eyed endermans….

Jade Green Eyed ender boy: Hmmmm I see …we’re running away from the war too our fathers stayed there to protect and help the others endermans… about you ….you’re endermage??

Tim: Yeah but not too much I’m a warrior ….not a mage but i have powers to learn magic..*he smiled softly* and you??

Jade Green Eyed ender boy: Ah me i’m not an ususal enderman eighter…our tribe is not affected of fire and water….

Tim: Oh that’s interesting…and what’s your name???

To be continued


Well yeah it’s gore and so woot………

Some special moments when Reesh is pissed off or angry with is not good for anyone around him when he’s in that condition (because he can get into fight and rip the shit outta someone) So here are the different things about him !!

He don’t have horns when he’s pissed off

He don’t have the lava tubes on his legs

His “second mouth opens”(Which is bad for his enemy)

His spikes grows and jumps out his skin so they can be useful to kill the enemy 

He is tall 7blocks

His eyes strats to glow…..

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